WKr 4211 is very useful


Liebherr WKr 4211 Vinothek? I had never heard a makes, you then? So when I cameabout this in conversation with a man who absolutely everything, know everything about wine cabinets I was very positively surprised. A nice glass of wine can be most people, me and very many friends and acquaintances anyway though. What determined a good and nice glass of wine? The first is that the Nice wine is natural. A lot depends on when and how to get the wine. When eating you go other wine drinking than for example in the evening at which appetizers. When eating the choice of wineis determined by what you are going to eat. It is therefore also a myth that you onlydrink red wine with meat and white wine with fish only. This I have experienced in arestaurant where the wines were personally chosen by a very competent somelier.My partner drinks in no case wine and I drink preferably red wine. The menu consisted of several courses with meat and fish were interspersed. I then asked the somelier if it was possible to drink red wine at each course. And this was absolutely no problem. I will tell you that at every course a custom red wine was donated and that thefish dishes rarely have tasted so delicious.  A great experience of taste sensations. But what of course also very important when drinking the right wine, that the wine at the right temperature. This is unfortunately very often underestimated and not applied. So I have also experience in a better restaurant, to have ordered a bottle of red wine whose temperature was too hot. The bottle was just put in a rack in the restaurant and was also that way. We have then asked if they could put the bottle in the refrigerator to keep the temperature down a bit. But this is of course not intended. So what each restaurant, and Yes really need to have is a makes. And the man with whom I was in conversation told me everything. My interest was piqued and I absolutely am the week after to the showroom of Liebherr makes up close to a stepped to admire and to make a choice for myself. A wine can taste good but if the temperatureis good. My interest went out to the model Liebherr WKr 4211. Why Liebherr? Liebherr stands for solidity and quality. Now, this model is also affordable. You just feelsright away if you have the door open and close before this makes and does that you have fixed a ‘ door ‘. I was immediately sold. There is a small simple handle on, but more should be that for me are not. You feel it is. The beautiful bordeaux-coloured insulation door fits perfectly in my Interior. I want the closet in my living room and it is important that the color is adapted to this interior. My beautiful curtains in Burgundy color and the different accents present in my living room perfectly match the color of this makes. I was instantly in love with this makes. Important, of coursethe number of bottles that you can store; do not be alarmed, yes 200 bottles! The retention of 200 bottles of wine under optimal conditions! There are dreaming yet every man and woman who‘s a little bit of a nice glass of wine. And then, of course, there is the price tag. This was a huge stroke of luck for me. The perfect color, a nice solid Cabinet, possibility of saving 200 bottles of wine. This is a fair price makes for a nice, solid. So because I am a huge wine lover and also expensive wines buy the choice was quickly made. The seller in the showroomhas me extensive advice and explanation of this cabinet. Yet also very important that you in a friendly and sympathetic way is further helped. Already sante!


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