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What companies that want to do sustainably and innovate?

You like to think ‘out of the box’ and that is exactly what companies that want to do sustainably and innovate are looking for. You want to learn more about the relationship between the economy, society and the environment. This systems thinking is also the starting point of the circular economy.
In the lessons, (business) experts consider the way in which production and consumption models can change, how you can approach this interdisciplinary and where you should look for financing.

Currently, the traditional way of producing and consuming is making way for an economic system aimed at sustainable handling of materials and products and the creation of closed cycles so that as many products and services as possible can be reused. Do you also want to be part of this transition? In this one-year course you will immerse yourself completely in the world of the circular economy and the business models of the future.

It is a hands-on training, in which guest lecturers provide their expertise on the basis of example stories, innovations and inspiring insights.

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