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Things to do and explore in the great city of Toulouse

If you want to go outside Paris and experience the remainder of France at your own pace, you may want to explore Toulouse as well. This is a great city that will impress you right away with its unique, distinctive features and locations. Access Toulouse  by car if you don’t want miss out on more distant attractions.

A lot of people love Toulouse because it’s unique and different, and there’s definitely a lot of stuff to explore within the city and its outskirts as well.

Basilica of Saint Sernin

If you visit Toulouse, you have to check the Basilica of Saint Sernin since it’s a landmark for the city. Some even say it’s one of the best churches in France. It’s close to the city square too, so getting to it will be fairly easy. The art and interior design are unlike anything that you can find out there. It’s incredible and a lot of people will be amazed with the quality, detail and amazing features.

Musée des Augustins

Musée des Augustins is one of the best museums in Toulouse and there’s a whole lot of stuff to see and enjoy here. There are paintings and sculptures from different times, and the museum itself is also close to a church with its own garden and incredible architecture. That alone makes it an incredible, unique place to check out and explore. Check the Muséum d’historie Naturelle de Toulouse too, if you’re more interested in animals and space tech as well.

Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf is a cool landmark to see especially during the night. It looks amazing and it’s one of the coolest bridges in the country. It’s a spectacle in the making, and one that you will cherish more than you imagine.

Jardin Japonais

The Japanese gardens in Toulouse are unlike many other places here, and they do stand out of the crowd. If you have even the slight interest in visiting Toulouse, you have to check the gardens because they are astonishing and unlike anything out there.

Place du Capitole

This is a very popular square in Toulouse where a lot of people go for shopping, to relax and unwind. There’s also a massive opera venue here and plenty of hotels. That really makes it an incredible experience and one that you do not want to miss.

Cité de l’Espace

You will like Cité de l’Espace because it’s all about the future, space exploration and checking a variety of great locations. It’s unique, immersive and it will automatically impress you with how distinctive and unique it really is. There’s an observatory and a planetarium there too.

Visiting Toulouse is a very good idea, since it’s an amazing city with a lot of extraordinary sights. People love it because it’s unique, different and it has a tremendous look too. If you want to get around the city with ease, you may want to rent a car in Toulouse and go anywhere you want without restrictions. You can rent a car at the airport here: It’s fun, rewarding and it helps save a lot of time. Plus, you get to see a lot of cool things you can’t find anywhere else! There is an good deal of car rental companies in the city or at the airport. You can find the best prices online and booking is easy. A car will make you journey fast and safe in Toulouse.