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Instagram Carousels: How to Engage Your Audience

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The ability to upload up to 10 photos in one post appeared in 2017. Now the Instagram Carousel format is one of the most effective in terms of subscriber engagement (Socialinsider). In this post, we’ll tell you how to create interesting audience carousels, what techniques to use, and what to consider to engage potential customers.

Why is it worth making an Instagram carousel at all?

The Socialinsider guys did a lot of research (analyzed over 22 million posts) and found:

carousels with 8 or more slides provide more engagement – more than 2% on average;

The highest engagement rate is for posts that mix images and videos in a carousel;

almost everything can be conveyed in this format: customer feedback, instructions, history, product presentation, review, etc.

For example, a photographer can upload an entire series of one shot to the carousel to convey the atmosphere and show the diversity of the location. But even brands without explicit visual content can easily use the carousel format. Suppose a power tool manufacturer could use this format to rate a product.

From the point of view of useful content, instructions, tips, a carousel is generally ideal. You can easily make a selection of rules on financial literacy, instructions on how to register an individual entrepreneur, news overview, etc.

How to make carousels on Instagram

Uploading 10 photos is not difficult. It is difficult to combine them harmoniously and involve the audience. The easiest way is to define the structure using the AIDA formula.

Seek attention

Headline and Introductory Part – 1-2 slides where you talk about the essentials in such a way that a person is interested and wants to scroll through the carousel. For example, the headline “How to Save $ 300 While Vacationing in Turkey” or a clear message for new acquaintances such as Setters.

We give a solution (interest)

On slides 3-7, provide a solution to the problem or your content that is useful to the public. In the product overview, these can be features and characteristics, in the instructions – the most important steps.

Show the result and show your desire (Desire)

On slides 8-9 it is quite possible to show the results that the product gives or that other people have. For example, we can say that according to the advice of the post, the entrepreneur increased his turnover by 10% and with this robot vacuum cleaner the house is perfectly clean.

Call to action

In the final we do Call To Action. Everything is clear on the sale – we say to write directly, follow the link of the profile, etc. But even without a sale there may be a phone call: leave a comment with your opinion, ask a question, save this message , mark friends who will be helpful.

What to consider in the design

Choose a few brand colors to use in your visualizations. Try to keep the style consistent even when using your own photos or stock photos.

Choose a capital font. Optimal it should be 1, but with a different style for the headline and body text. Free and Easy to Read: Open Sans, Roboto, Montserrat, PT Serif, Oswald.

Find the best visuals and shapes. For example, play with images with circles or apply device models: advice on a smartphone screen or in a browser window.

The optimal image size for the carousel is 1920×1920 or 1080×1350 pixels.

Better to use a font of 80+ for headlines and a minimum of 30 for body text.

Make sure that the content is read normally from the tape without having to zoom. To make it look more harmonious, indent 30-60 pixels from the edges.

Experiment with the visualization so that one slide of the carousel flows smoothly into the next and motivates the person to scroll to the end.

You can create such carousels for Instagram in:

Banner snack


Keynote / PowerPoint

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

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