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Build an international network

“Do you dream of a career in an international company or abroad?”
Then this elective route is made for you! You take a large part of the classes together with students from all over the world, which gives you the opportunity to practice your intercultural skills, communicate with internationals and build an international network.

Through various professional field projects in and with companies, you learn to collaborate, manage a team, plan, meet, present and develop your management skills. So you will be fully prepared for real business! This elective path places extra emphasis on gaining experience outside Belgium. In the third year, this is no longer a non-committal option and you go abroad for at least 1 semester.


“Would you like to help shape a company’s personnel policy in the near future? Help build healthy companies and employee happiness at work?”
Then you’ve come to the right place with the HR Management selection process. During this elective process you will learn how to build and shape a personnel policy. You learn which human dynamics are at play within teams and companies. And you learn to use tools to support, monitor and adjust personnel policy.

This makes you both a ‘people partner’ and an ‘organization partner’. In addition, you build expertise in social legislation, the building block for every HR function.


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